Amazing decoration ideas with IKEA items ⋆ jewels. by anne lamare
Amazing decoration ideas with IKEA items to make your interiors look fab without breaking the bank!
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Amazing decoration ideas with IKEA items

There are quite a few things in life that I am passionate about and interior design & decoration is definitely one of them. Here is a selection of ideas, all done with IKEA items that recently caught my attention for their simplicity and amazing results. These are not only super easy to copy but also won’t break the bank!

TRONES shoe/storage cabinets, 145 AED for 3

LACK wall shelves, 35 AED per shelf

2 Bekant screen for desk used as headboard, 475 AED per screen

Ivar pine cabinet, 295 AED per cabinet, excluding legs & metalic tape

TROFAST pine storage, starting price 175 AED excluding containers